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Derrick and Will go to hollywood!

just a little note, incase you didn't know.
taken from nobodyswatching.tv
Yes, we admit it — “producers.” And yes, Derrick and Will are fictional characters played, respectively, by Taran Killam and Paul Campbell. But we want to make clear that Derrick and Will’s mission — to get NBC to pick up their show by building “buzz” and a substantial online fanbase — is very real. It is Taran and Paul’s mission, as young upstart actors. And it is our mission as writer/producers who believe that in an age where many are proclaiming that the sitcom is “dead”, TV viewers are entitled to something different, interesting and funny (admittedly, that’s not necessarily our show). Our challenge is that despite widespread media attention and an ever-growing fanbase, NBC still seems to have very little actual interest in “Nobody’s Watching” as a sitcom for their network. While they did cave to YouTube popularity by backing the webisodes, they continue to consider us merely a short-term “experiment.” On some level we’re convinced that bucking the system will be futile, but we’re determined to try. Why let an outdated process continue to dictate what comedies get on television? Why not let you, the viewer, decide? With your help, we know we have at least a shot at succeeding. If we are actually able to make the leap from the Internet to the airwaves, it will open the door for anyone to be able to make the leap. Thanks in advance for your help.